An educational Investment Company

  • Improve understanding of United States culture and business practices among international students
  • Encourage the learning of foreign languages
  • Teach communication and critical thinking skills through the lens of the diversity of world cultures
  • Improve students' English written and oral communication skills
  • Offer intensive English language training at learning centers run in conjunction with the universities and learning sites of the consortium, as well as the secondary level in order to prepare future international students for enrollment in English-language instruction at the University level.
The objective of the Wellsland universities and learning centers are to:

  • Offer both residential and distance learning programs in business, information technology, healthcare, film and video, and the graphic arts
  • Use educational technologies to enhance student learning and assist students in the acquisition of competencies that are shared among programs of the institutions consortium
  • Enroll a diverse population of American and International students in a common classroom
  • Provide international and American students the opportunity to learn from each other and develop an appreciation of different cultural norms
  • Pursue articulation agreements with institutions internationally

Our Objective

Our Vision

Our Mission

We are all called before the foundation of the world to do great things.  It is your journey, but our desire and passion to guide others in accomplishing their goals and dreams.  At Wellsland our drive and motivation is to be a global leader in quality education, entertainment, and investments.
It is our vision to:

I.  Create a global university which expresses the world's diversity and creates a path to success for everyone

II.  Enable each person to feel empowered by their passion

III.  Provide a quality education to foster creativity and leadership through theory and hands on training.

Wellsalnd LLC, proposes to develop a Consortium of sister universities with learning centers throughout the world through acquisition of campuses and learning facilities and the development of articulation and joint program agreements with institutions throughout the world.  The purpose of this consortium is to foster cross cultural studies and language learning in combination with traditional majors to meet the employment needs of the world economies.