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min zhao
vice President,asia
Jie song
Jie li
vice President,asia
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special assistant

Beijing Geely University
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Our Leadership

Wellsland is owned by George Jie Zhao as a limited liability corporation who serves as its President.  George, has had much success in his career.    In China he worked diligently at a college as an instructor, admissions and administrative staff, and as director of student affairs for seven years.  He later worked for the city of Taizhou in China as the director of the Department of Education.  George's most recent accomplishments in education come from his time spent at Geely Automotive where he was one of the founders of Beijing Geely University which now operates 5 Geely Universities in China with over 100,000 students. 
As a business man George achieved record international sales volume for Geely and developed the Geely auto business and car brands in Europe.  His vision for Geely to create a partnership between the Chinese and British government met with great success.  He also explored and established the Geely franchise distributor network in over 60 countries. Today George's vision is to create a global business consisting of education, entertainment, and investments throughout the world.
Jie Zhao